Avantix joins GIFAS, French aerospace industries association

Avantix is proud to be part of GIFAS,  and to support its customers and partners in their daily missions with cutting-edge systems that meet the challenges of defence and homeland security today and in the future.

GIFAS represents French aerospace industry and promotes its capabilities and interests at nationally and internationally.

By joining GIFAS, Avantix is becoming part of a sovereign ecosystem that is shaping the French aerospace industry of tomorrow.

Avantix airborne EW systems

"Working closely with end-users and manufacturers in the aerospace sector enables us to anticipate technological needs and develop tomorrow's mission-critical systems.

These systems incorporate AI technologies while being cyber-secure in order to meet expectations in terms of connectivity, processing and analysis of data on board and on the ground.

The DNA of Avantix has been built around this ability to fly cutting-edge technologies; putting innovation at the service of missions is our watchword!"

Bernard Payer, Avantix President 

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