Our solutions

Avantix provides its customers with mission critical systems on naval, land and air platforms.

With its 4 areas of expertise in acquisition, transmission, processing and simulating/testing, Avantix develops and manufactures high performance and modular rugged systems, adaptable to complex applications and specific systems.

ELINT/R-ESM systems

Vital radar intelligence for fast and
relevant decision making.

COMINT/C-ESM systems

Improve your operational decision-making
with actionable intelligence.

Jamming ECM systems 

Facing remote controlled improvise
explosive device.



A French company with 560 engineers, Avantix is a leader in the design and integration of critical high-tech systems.

With its combined expertise in electronics and information technology, Avantix targets strategic industry sectors.

Avantix defines itself both as a designer and integrator of critical high-tech systems. This original positioning allows it to offer a complete range of services using dual technologies (civil and military) and innovative solutions based on recognized  expertise centers.

Newsroom & Events

Why instant 3D geolocation will become standard in airborne ISR

Why instant 3D geolocation will become standard in airborne ISR

They talk about us

They talk about us

Watch Shephard Media video to learn more about FlashHawk , Avantix innovative Airborne C-ESM solution.

Click to watch the video

Meet us @ EW Radar KSA 2020

Meet us @ EW Radar KSA 2020

Meet us at EW and Radar KSA, booth 6

09th-10th March 2020 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Come and talk about the future of EW with Avantix experts.


09th-10th March 2020 – Saudi Arabia