Avantix delivers FlashHawk Airborne ISR System to Romania National Institute for Aerospace Research (INCAS)

Avantix has successfully delivered its cutting-edge FlashHawk airborne Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) system to Romania’s National Institute for Aerospace Research (INCAS). 


Aix-en-Provence, France – 23 May, 2024

Following an order placed in 2023, Avantix delivered its FlashHawk airborne COMINT/C-ESM[1]  solution to INCAS. In collaboration with INCAS, Avantix  is now finalizing the integration of the FlashHawk solution onto the ISR BN-2 Islander aircraft, overseeing every stage from initial design to installation, including RF calibration. This partnership successfully tailored FlashHawk's advanced operational capabilities to meet the unique physical and systemic needs of the aircraft.

FlashHawk is a COMINT/C-ESM system that provides instantaneous 3D geolocation of ground emitters within 360° from the air. It delivers tactical situation awareness of emitters on the ground and rapid target identification via onboard optical sensors.

“We are proud to support INCAS in integrating our FlashHawk solution, which reflects our core principles of modularity and adaptability. This expertise enables us to meet the operational challenges and environmental requirements of a wide range of aircraft, including the INCAS BN-2 Islander. »

Bernard Payer, CEO, Avantix

“We are delighted that the FlashHawk solution is now delivered and operational in our existing ISR carrier. The modularity of the FlashHawk system allows us to deploy it as a key component of our Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) program, which will enable us to expand Romania’s ISR capabilities.”

Dr. Phys Adriana Ștefan, INCAS President & CEO


INCAS' key expectations and requirements for FlashHawk include:

  • Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) program: FlashHawk takes part in INCAS’s program on MUM-T. This collaborative approach combines human-operated systems with unmanned drones, enhancing crisis response capabilities.
  • Versatile applications: FlashHawk’s deployment extends to various scenarios, including natural disaster response, search and rescue operations, border protection, and law enforcement.
  • Sensor integration: as part of a global ISR system, FlashHawk will be carried by the manned component, working in tandem with drones.
  • Enhanced target identification: by integrating with the aircraft’s electro-optical and infra-red sensors, FlashHawk enables rapid target identification, facilitating actionable intelligence.

As a modular system, FlashHawk adapts to the constraints of airborne carriers such as fixed and rotary wing aircraft, UAVs, and tethered balloons. Avantix's expertise in integrating critical systems enables cutting-edge solutions to be integrated into its customers' existing air platforms.

Avantix is dedicated to advancing ISR technologies and collaborates with INCAS to integrate FlashHawk with complementary SIGINT sensors. This collaboration marks a significant step toward enhancing global security and emergency response capabilities.

[1]COMINT: Communication Intelligence – part of SIGINT (Signals Intelligence), dedicated to electronic warfare actions. C-ESM: Communication Electronic Support Measures – provides tactical situation awareness via radio communication interception and direction finding.

Avantix will be present at BSDA 2024 (Black Sea Defense and Aerospace exhibition), hosted by INCAS, to present FlashHawk and its other SIGINT solutions. Meet us at booth C631, Hall C.


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