ELSIM for mission preparation and EW systems validation

Before mission, ELSIM Hw generates RF signals to ensure Electronic Warfare systems and radar functions. Powered by Caracal, Avantix database, ELSIM generates real-life signals to control quality of mission sensors. Integrated into shelter, ELSIM works as an active answer signals to various platforms (air, land, sea). ELSIM enables radar signals air emission on antenna for […]

ELIT R-ESM for instantaneous tactical situation awareness 

Operator orientated, this application enables friendly and un-friendly radar signals identification and analysis through a handy map interface.For navy and military application, ELIT R-ESM leans on environment surveillance to identify the nature of raw signals.For operation success: Mission, Avantix database embarked library focused on mission environment and potential threats.Avantix ELIT systems can be integrated into […]

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