Manage your electromagnetic environment from the air to master your operational theater with instantaneous 3D geolocation of radio transmitters

In an evolving threat landscape, national organizations are looking for V/UHF localization sensors to enhance their surveillance and intelligence capabilities

However, many ISR aircraft currently in service have aging sensors that rely on traditional azimuth-based direction finding. As a result, the detection of ground emitters' azimuth requires a few minutes – whereas modern threats are discrete: they are mobile and do not communicate much. 

To resolve this operational challenge, national organizations can now provide their forces with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) equipped with next-generation CESM sensors that deliver instantaneous 3D geolocation.

Avantix embeds its historical know-how in airborne signal processing. 

FlashHawk is a cutting-edge COMINT C-ESM solution for instantaneous 3D geolocation from the air. It combines azimuth, elevation and digital ground mapping for instantaneous geolocation of ground emitters. 

With an optimised capacity/size ratio, the FlashHawk system can be mounted on various types of airborne platforms such as UAVs, balloons, aeroplanes and helicopters, providing an easy-to-deploy system.

Developed to face airborne ISR mission challenges, FlashHawk meets border surveillance, anti-terrorism, search and rescue and defense operations requirements with instantaneous and reliable tactical intelligence. 

FlashHawk COMINT-ESM system

As an end-to-end system integrator, Avantix supports its customers in implementation and system commissioning to ensure high readiness. With return on experience from operators and expert working in the field, we continuously work on system improvement, delivering operational superiority

  • FlashHawk combines spatial coverage of 360 ° in azimuth, 180° in elevation and a digital ground map to provide instantaneous and precise 3D geolocation.
  • Processing of various communication emitters on the ground at the same time to deliver the big picture, even in a dense environment.
  • When FlashHawk is connected to an IMINT sensor, detected emitters can be video tracked in real-time to provide relevant intelligence to operators in a single user interface.
  • Focused on the 30 MHz – 3Ghz band, FlashHawk processes V/UHF push-to-talk, radio, satellite phone and mobile phone emitters from the first burst. This means that even very short duration communication will be detected, characterized and localized.
  • With an innovative technology based on radio frequency analysis and geolocation through signal envelope processing, FlashHawk ensures reliable and instantaneous tactical intelligence.
  • The compact FlashHawk system makes integration easy on diverse airborne platforms, in compliance with military standard requirements.
  • Via a datalink connection, FlashHawk can also be integrated on UAVs and ensure air/ground transmission.

Want to learn more about FlashHawk and access our in-flight demo? 

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