See without being seen with a passive electromagnetic interception system

The naval electromagnetic environment has evolved significantly over the past years. On one hand, spectrum congestion has dramatically increased on the lower bands (below 6 GHz) shared by communication and radar signals. On the other hand, the upper band (above 6 GHz), which used to be mainly dedicated to traditional magnetron radars (>25kW), now also hosts LPI (low probability of intercept) radars and solid-state radars (<50W).

Surveillance missions require system availability and effectiveness. So how can ELINT R-ESM systems detect these new types of radar and provide precise identification in a saturated electromagnetic spectrum? 

To face these challenges, Avantix developed an ELINT R-ESM solution for radar tactical situational awareness that delivers permanent electromagnetic environment surveillance to operators.

Based on superheterodyne receiver technology that provides 3GHz instantaneous bandwidth, the Avantix ELINT R-ESM system combines high sensitivity and high-speed scanning designed for a congested electromagnetic environment. It ensures fast radar detection at high distances and on low power emission radars (such as LPI radars). 

How to detect threats at sea and deliver actionable intelligence with real-time radar tactical situational awareness

Facing unprecedent threats, maritime organizations are upgrading their fleets to protect their borders and offshore assets. To ensure better coverage, navies increasingly equip their offshore patrol vessels (OPV) with modern weapon and electronic warfare systems to monitor all activities within their surveillance area.

As a result, navies need compact and high-performance systems to master defense, homeland security and intelligence at sea missions, on both their coasts and economic exclusive zones (EEZ).

Avantix provides solutions for naval defense, homeland security and intelligence to maritime organizations. The Avantix ELINT R-ESM system is designed to monitor both coastal and open seas areas, which enhances offshore and EEZ surveillance with improved interception technology.

  • Cost-effective and compact solution suitable to OPVs architecture
  • Combined radar situational awareness and radar intelligence to support anti-piracy, anti-smuggling, and a wide range of defense and homeland security at sea missions

Avantix ELINT R-ESM is a fully passive solution that enables high-speed radar detection and qualified radar signature characterization, providing both real-time situational awareness and intelligence.

Avantix ELINT R-ESM for navies

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  • High sensitivity with superheterodyne tuner for efficient radar detection, particularly on low power emission radars
  • Fast-scanning capabilities with 3GHz instantaneous bandwidth
    360° detection on the 0.5-18 GHz bands with permanent spectrum surveillance and automation of signal detection and identification
  • Tactical visualization with real-time direction finding and tracking, compliant with NATO symbology
  • Dual mode with ELINT and R-ESM in a single system
  • ELINT tools to collect intelligence in the surrounding areas
    • Smart recording capabilities of raw signals, pulses and emitters descriptor
    • Powerful tools for unknown signals analysis
  • Modular solution that can be integrated into existing systems to meet customer requirements in terms of needs and space constraints on platforms
  • Customizable architecture to meet customer requirements in terms of needs and space constraints on platforms
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