Avantix COMINT/C-ESM systems

Improve your operational decision-making with actionable intelligence.

WHAT IS Comint ?

COMINT is the Communication Intelligence part of SIGINT (Signal Intelligence), dedicated to EW actions. COMINT targets communication signals to improve field awareness. COMINT systems leans on detection, analyzes and direction finding of targeted communication emissions in order to support real-time decision making.


C-ESM, for Communication Electronic Support Measures, provides via radio communication interception and direction finding (DF) tactical situation awareness. With use-friendly interface and instantaneous collect and analyze, Avantix C-ESM systems support operators in day-to-day COMINT missions.

AVANTIX COMINT/ C-ESM systems, radio communication treatment
and management for fast and optimum decision-making

Our goal: providing actionable Intelligence during mission to manage the inscreasing use of radio communication emitters and to face terrorism threats.

Our experience dates back more than 15 years when we pioneered the first over-the-air tactical cellular interceptor in 2001. Since then we have continuously expanded our COMINT / C-ESM product portfolio to provide our customers field-proven solutions and future-proof systems.


COMINT C-ESM product range

FlashHawk - Airborne CESM ISR

In a fast moving landscape, with increasing use of mobile communication and rise of terrorism threats, situation awareness and optimum decision making are a matter of efficiency and real-time information.  To face this need, Avantix developed FlashHawk for direction finding and fast situation awareness. 

End-to-end solutions with collaborative SIGINT and IMINT (OE/IR sensors) technologies combined to an integrated electronic hardware network to ensure Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance optimization and actionable Intelligence. 

Avantix FlashHawk systems are scalable and enable precise 3D geolocation. Our system provides to forces on-the-field solutions to detect, characterize, geolocalize and identify communication emitters instantaneously.

Adaptable to various platforms such as drone, helicopter, aircraft, FlashHawk is an integrated system of collaborative payloads with the most compact sensors on the market.

Flexible Radio Link (FRL)

FRL is a complete solution for digital microwave links interception, from antenna to signal demultiplexing.

The FRL-D408 is a highly configurable demodulator handling a large variety of modulations with baudrate values up to 50 MBauds. 

The FRL-X408 constitutes the last stage of the FRL-Product line. The equipment offers a large variety of binary processing blocks which can be cascaded, allowing the user to implement a considerable amount of binary reception chains. 

When combining the Avantix FRL product line components, the overall system can be seen as a highly configurable receiver.   

SCSA - Satellite Communication Situational Awareness with Avantix

SCSA - Satellite Communication Situational Awareness

The need for highly accurate, real-time satellite communication situational awareness through signal, analysis, classification, production and geolocation to accelerate signal intelligence

While the democratization of SATCOM has its benefits, it has also led to a rise in incidents and misuse by criminal and terrorist organizations. On the other hand Government intelligence agencies look to process and monitor a variety of satellite services.

SCSA leverages artificial intelligence to drive SATCOM detection, classification and geolocation of satellite terminals, as well as communication monitoring. 

Avantix supports their customers with  seamless management of the SATCOM intelligence cycle, from analyzing, geolocating to actionable intelligence reporting, to support critical decision making originating from modern satellite communication systems. These products cover all major fixed (FSS) and mobile (MSS) satellite services as well as various proprietary standards for VSAT networks. Avantix provide customers a modular and scalable solution benefiting from over 30 years of expertise and wide deployment.

LEO SAR Satellite Tracking

SSA - Space Situational Awareness

The need for highly accurate, real-time space situational awareness through collation, analysis and exploitation of information collected by space-based and terrestrial sensors.

SSA technology plays a crucial role in national security by monitoring adversary activities and protecting critical infrastructure from potential threats. Many nations rely on satellites for communication, navigation, and surveillance. SSA helps protect these assets from both accidental and intentional harm.

Avantix Satellite Tracking System (STS):

The Avantix STS accurately determines and displays the positions and trajectories of satellites in GEO, MEO, and LEO orbits. As an RF sensor, it enhances situational awareness by mapping satellite orbits with exceptional precision.

Avantix Low Earth Orbit Synthetic Aperture Radar (LEO SAR):

Avantix LEO-SAR system which combines synthetic aperture radar capabilities with LEO satellites enables ground-based detection of LEO-SAR satellites traversing over specific regions.

Discover how our SSA technologies can improve your space operations.

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