Air Applications

Avantix develops electronic reconnaissance solutions to support missions onboard aircraft, ships and land platforms.

With its COMINT C‐ESM and ELINT R‐ESM expertises, Avantix provides you solutions for Air applications such as FlashHawk, the next generation Airbone C‐ESM solution.


FlashHawk for real-time tactical situational awareness over the air

With FlashHawk, succeed in your mission with real-time tactical situational awareness. With its fast detection capabilities, 3D geolocation on map and target's visualization, master the operational theatre in a few seconds. Collaborative IMINT and SIGINT compact sensors embedded in aircraft, helicopter, UAV, tethered balloon according to your mission.

  • Fast characterization and detection in the 30MHz to 3GHz band,
  • 3D geo-localization over 360°,
  • Embedded IMINT sensors,
  • Easy-to-use software.

FlashHawk, solution for next-generation airborne C-ESM

Successful flight-testing campaign achieved for Flashhawk

Successful flight-testing campaign achieved for Flashhawk

Aix-en-Provence, France - October 12th , 2021. 

Avantix today announces that its “FlashHawk” COMINT/C-ESM[1] airborne solution for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) has been successfully tested and evaluated by the French Armament General Directorate (Direction générale de l’armement, DGA) which was thus able to get an overview of the performances of the integrated system – following a demanding flight test campaign.

FlashHawk is a state-of-the-art COMINT/C-ESM solution that provides an instantaneous 3D geolocation image of ground emitters from the air. FlashHawk is supporting ISR operators to get an immediate tactical situation awareness of emitter on the ground under the aircraft up to the horizon 360° around it. Combined with the existing aircraft electro-optical/infra-red sensor, it allows rapid target identification for actionable intelligence.

FlashHawk can easily be installed and deployed on various types of multi-mission airborne platforms such as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle : fixed wing and vertical takeoff and landing) balloons, airplanes and helicopters. The solution combines mission information system, processing unit and antenna – all qualified for airborne application.

Watch the dedicated video introducing FlashHawk and find out more here:

[1] COMINT: Communication Intelligence – part of SIGINT (Signals Intelligence), dedicated to electronic warfare actions. C-ESM: Communication Electronic Support Measures – provides tactical situation awareness via radio communication interception and direction finding.

About Avantix

Avantix is a French that delivers electronic warfare systems providing observation data as well as operational and actionable intelligence. With Avantix systems combining electronic sensors and information technology, homeland protection and military forces benefit from superior threat detection and tactical situational awareness, whether on naval, land or aerospace platforms. Our field-proven solutions allow broad-spectrum Signals Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (SIGINT and ISR), including over radar or radio transmissions. This enables our customers to protect citizens, infrastructure, and military assets. Avantix and its R&D capacities are located in Aix-en-Provence, France. For more information:

Search and rescue

Search and rescue

With Avantix COMINT, manage your search and rescue missions. After a natural disaster, in high-mountain, after a snow avalanche, wherever the communication network is off. With Avantix COMINT solution, air boarded or ground-based, quantify and localize missing persons via mobile interception. Actionable intelligence for forces responders, who can operate on the ground with very precise victims location.

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