Avantix Jamming ECM systems

Facing remote controlled improvise explosive device.


Jammers are increasingly used to face RCIED, remote controlled improvise explosive devices, to counter and protect citizens and infrastructure from threat.  

With the raise of terrorist threat and their technological improvement, Avantix provides Smart Reactive Jammers for R-ECM and R-EPM for interception and blockage of unfriendly emitters.


Avantix provides smart reactive Jammer for fixed, vehicular and manpacked missions. With an instantaneous detection and identification on a complete frequency band, Avantix Smart Reactive Jammers commit 100% probability of interception with an adapted countermeasure. Avantix Smart Reactive Jammers equip armed forces, law enforcement and security agencies to protect them-selves and citizens from RCIED threats.


Jamming product range

Black Shadow, for fixed and in-vehicle missions

Designed for fixed or embedded use, Black Shadow is the Avantix high-power jamming system. With its smart reactive jammer system, Black Shadow responds instantly to un-friendly signals.

Enables convoy protection with high BTS jamming capacity in rural and urban areas, with a high-density of communication.

Moreover, Avantix Black Shadow can equip itself with additional booster dedicated to GSM bands to ensure the optimum protection.

With strong capabilities of adaptation, Black Shadow fits in various kinds of vehicles for VIP convoy protection.

Raid Shadow, for manpacked missions

Raid Shadow for manpacked and transportable missions: a lightweight compact movable smart reactive jammer.

The Raid Shadow system has been designed to equip Special Forces, mine clearance services and unsecured area protection (room, markets….)

Developed to scramble RCIED, Raid Shadow protects teams in a 10m radius.
Landed or man-packed, Raid Shadow is the protection system for risky on-site missions.

Use cases

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